. . . A B O U T . . .

Angela Palacioz Breer's headshot; she has short brown hair and is wearing a navy blue shirt standing in front of a paisley print backdrop.

Angela Palacioz Breer

As Founder and Chief Dot Connector she is an ambitious and strategic communications and marketing professional with a passion for seeing the community thrive. 

Angela's experience includes leadership as the Communications Director at the American Heart Association, covering Kansas and a portion of Outstate Missouri. 

With over a decade of experience, and a Hispanic-owned business leader, she is skilled in cultivating relationships, storytelling, managing projects and sticking to timelines. Her ability to think creatively could be considered her secret power.

She applies her empathy, organizational skills and cultural competencies to the many community causes she is involved with. Currently, she serves on the following boards:

She graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis in strategic communications. Rock Chalk!

Approach with Projects

With a hands-on approach, Angela will help lead you and your team, taking into consideration a diversity, equity and inclusion perspective in the planning and implementation process. 

Understanding we all come with different experiences and skill sets, but collectively we can work together to create great success.